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The IMPReSS project is a 30-months EU-Brazil cooperative research project started in 2013.

The project is partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme in the area of EU-Brazil Research and Development cooperation under Grant Agreement no. 614100

The Brazilian funding is provided by CNPq Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico


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blank.gif The IMPReSS project is a joint EU-Brazil project. The aim of the project is to provide a Systems Development Platform which enables rapid and cost effective development of mixed criticality complex systems involving Internet of Things and Services (IoTS) and at the same time facilitates the interplay with users and external systems.

The IMPReSS development platform will be usable for any system intended to embrace a smarter society. The demonstration and evaluation of the IMPReSS platform will focus on energy efficiency systems addressing the reduction of energy usage and CO2 footprint in public buildings, enhancing the intelligence of monitoring and control systems as well as stimulating user energy awareness.

The IMPReSS platform will thus aim at solving the complexity of system development by providing a holistic approach that includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), middleware components, and a deployment tool.

The IMPReSS project ended on 31 March 2016.


O projeto IMPReSS é uma parceria entre a União Europeia e o Brasil (UE-Brasil). O objetivo do projeto é fornecer uma plataforma de desenvolvimento de sistemas, que permita o desenvolvimento rápido e de baixo custo para sistemas complexos envolvendo Internet das Coisas e Serviços (IOT) e, ao mesmo tempo, facilitando a interação com os usuários e os sistemas externos.

A plataforma de desenvolvimento do IMPReSS poderá ser utilizada por qualquer sistema que adote o contexto de sociedade inteligente (Smart Society). A demonstração e validação da plataforma IMPReSS serão realizadas em sistemas de eficiência energética visando a redução do uso de energia e emissão de CO2 em edifícios públicos. Uma contribuição será a inclusão de inteligência nos sistemas de monitoramento e controle, bem como o estimulo da consciência do usuário na redução dos gastos em energia.

A plataforma de IMPReSS, visa reduzir a complexidade do desenvolvimento do sistema através de uma abordagem holística, que inclui um ambiente de desenvolvimento integrado (IDE), componentes de middleware, e uma ferramenta para implantação de aplicações.

O projeto IMPReSS terminou em 28 de Fevereiro de 2014.
IMPReSS Open Source Available
blank.gifCreated June 16 2016 08:59:36 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe IMPReSS platform builds on Open Source platforms and one of the goals of the project is to support an increase of the global market share for Open Source solutions by increasing the availability of software components and knowledge to market actors. Although the project has ended, the code for all IMPReSS components is still available. Read more for instructions on how to access the code.

The IMPReSS Project has officially ended
blank.gifCreated May 13 2016 08:58:23 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe IMPReSS Project came to an end on 31 March 2016. It has been an interesting and successful journey for all partners and we are proud of the good collaboration we have had in the project. The project was reviewed and its results accepted by the EC in April 2016 in Brazil.

All public deliverables are now available for download here.
Paper accepted for ISCC 2016
blank.gifCreated April 26 2016 07:55:08 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifA paper entitled “Prediction of Electrical Energy Consumption for Internet of Things in Disaggregated Databases” has been accepted for presentation at the twenty first IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ISCC 2016) in June 2016. The paper was written by Wesllen Souza from UFAM. blank.gif
UFPE announces the validation and end of the IMPReSS project
blank.gifCreated April 13 2016 07:33:46 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifToday, the 13th April 2016, the IMPReSS consortium is planning the demonstration and validation for the formal EC review of the project at the UFPE campus in Recife, Brazil. The event is announced in the UFPE newsletter (in Portuguese) which can be accessed here. blank.gif
Final project newsletter
blank.gifCreated April 01 2016 09:17:45 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
The 4th and final project newsletter is now available marking the end of the IMPReSS project. The project newsletter can be downloaded as a pdf file or read directly in your browser.

IMPReSS paper at the 34th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems
blank.gifCreated March 31 2016 09:22:26 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifUFAM and VTT have written a paper which will be presented at the 34th Brazilian Symposium on Computer Networks and Distributed Systems (SBRC) in Bahia, Brazil. The paper is in Portuguese and is entitled Atribuição dinâmica de canais em redes sem fio não coordenadas IEEE 802.11, baseada em fatores de sobreposição e intensidade de sinal. blank.gif
UFAM interviewed for São Paulo newspaper
blank.gifCreated March 11 2016 12:35:44 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe article, The Smart City needs full integration, talks about the use of technology to make cities smart and thereby improve people’s lives. However, to succeed it is necessary to develop integrated information systems. The collaboration between Brazilian and European partners in the IMPReSS project is mentioned as an example of how cities and the government can benefit from new projects.

Eduardo Souto from UFAM was interviewed for the article and he explains how the smart energy management system implemented at Teatro Amazonas in Manaus will reduce energy consumption of both lights and air conditioning. Eduardo Souto is cited: “We will create algorithms to predict where the energy expenditure will be the biggest, and then explain to the state government how and where it is possible to save energy.”
IMPReSS Usability Workshop
blank.gifCreated March 01 2016 13:09:40 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifA usability test of the IMPReSS SDP was conducted with prospective application developers from UFPE in Recife, Brazil. Five IMPReSS components, or tools, were tested and evaluate using a standard well-known usability questionnaire, the User Experience Questionnaire (Laugwitz, T. Held, and M. Schrepp) which allows end-user of a product to evaluate their experiences using the product in question. blank.gif
Crossing over the Atlantic: Tales from a Fraunhofer FIT Research Associate’s experiences at the Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil
blank.gifCreated February 11 2016 12:48:15 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe collaboration between Brazilian and European partners in the IMPReSS project took a unique turn as Ángel Carvajal Soto, a Research Associate at FIT in Germany, travelled across the Atlantic to Recife in Brazil to work on IMPReSS alongside Lucas Gomes, a Research Fellow at UFPE, for one month. blank.gif
IMPReSS at the 2015 IEEE WF-IoT - Enabling Internet Evolution
blank.gifCreated January 18 2016 13:42:40 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe IMPReSS project had the paper "Context-Aware Energy Efficiency Management for Smart Buildings" accepted for the IEEE 2nd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) in December 2015. blank.gif
IMPReSS paper accepted for the ICIN 2016 conference
blank.gifCreated January 18 2016 09:09:08 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe IMPReSS project will be represented at the upcoming ICIN 2016 conference ‘Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks’ where the paper ‘XMPP-based Network Management Infrastructure for Agile IoT Application Deployment and Configuration’ will be presented by IMPReSS partner ISMB. The paper was written jointly by Brazilian partner UFPE and European partners ISMB, FIT and CNET. blank.gif