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About us
The IMPReSS project is a 30-months EU-Brazil cooperative research project started in 2013.

The project is partly funded by the European Commission under the 7th Framework Programme in the area of EU-Brazil Research and Development cooperation under Grant Agreement no. 614100

The Brazilian funding is provided by CNPq Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico


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IMPReSS at ICT 2015
blank.gifCreated November 25 2015 09:26:02 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifFIT and IN-JET represented IMPReSS at the booth "EU-Brazil Together in ICT: Bridging & Strengthening EU-BR Collaborations in Cloud Computing, Experimental Platforms & HPC” which was co-organised by EUBrazil Cloud Connect at ICT 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal on October 20-22. blank.gif
IMPReSS at European Researchers' Night 2015
blank.gifCreated September 25 2015 09:32:50 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifISMB will represent IMPReSS at this year’s European Researchers’ Night in Turin, Italy. European Researchers' Nights are events dedicated to popular science and fun learning. Events include live scientific experiments and demonstrations, exhibitions and tours, conferences and educational seminars, shows and concerts.
IMPReSS at the Supernova Festival in Turin, Italy
blank.gifCreated September 25 2015 09:14:25 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifISMB will be representing IMPReSS at the Supernova Festival in Turin on 26-27 September 2015. The Supernova Festival is a creative innovation festival offering two days of conferences, meetings, digital labs, performances and interactive installations to talk about innovation and creativity. blank.gif
Newsletter out now
blank.gifCreated August 31 2015 09:00:46 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe 3rd edition of the IMPReSS newsletter is now available. It features articles on the IMPReSS Context Manager, the 6th Mobile Fair hosted by UFAM where students developed smart city applications using knowledge from IMPReSS, and the plans for the demonstration of the project's results in February next year in Brazil.
Download it here or read it online.

Students at UFAM learn from IMPReSS
blank.gifCreated August 11 2015 10:06:07 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
At the Institute of Computing, Federal University of Amazonas, the course material for the class Distributed Systems draws on professor Eduardo Souto’s first-hand experience and knowledge from the development work in the IMPReSS project. The results were demonstrated at the 6th Mobile Application Fair at UFAM where Prof. Souto's students presented the exciting new applications and services for smart society they have developed.
Video demonstrating the IMPReSS context manager
blank.gifCreated July 21 2015 08:19:02 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gif In order to provide an efficient use of energy in buildings, the IMPReSS SDP must be context aware. A video has been produced which demonstrates a prototype deployment in a university classroom with two scenarios where the system automatically controls lighting, temperature and shows consumption data for the users.

Watch the IMPReSS video here.
IMPReSS Paper Presentation at the ICSS conference 2015
blank.gifCreated June 08 2015 09:04:20 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe IMPReSS partner, UFAM, has produced a paper entitled ‘User Activity Recognition for Energy Saving in Smart Home Environment’ which will be presented at the Twentieth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications (ICSS) on July 8 in Larnaca, Cyprus. blank.gif
IMPReSS Open Source
blank.gifCreated June 08 2015 08:47:12 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe IMPReSS platform builds on Open Source platforms and one of the goals of the project is to support an increase of the global market share for Open Source solutions by increasing the availability of software components and knowledge to market actors. The project repository is now open for public read-only access. blank.gif
IMPReSS at Arduino Day at UFABC
blank.gifCreated May 05 2015 07:40:44 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe IMPReSS SDP (System Development Platform) Context Management component was demonstrated at the Arduino Day 2015 held by UFABC. The IMPReSS classroom scenario was used to show how the Context Manager automatically controls lightening and temperature and displays power consumption. The IMPReSS classroom scenario demonstrates how IMPReSS enabled applications are context-aware and self-adaptive.

A video has been produced that demonstrates the IMPReSS Context Manager in the classroom scenario.
Download IMPReSS Deliverables
blank.gifCreated March 27 2015 08:32:31 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifAll the IMPReSS deliverables produced during the first project period have been accepted by the EC and the nineteen public deliverables are now available for download to the public. The IMPReSS project is dedicated to disseminate the results of the project and all research and development deliverables are therefore freely available for download. blank.gif
First Year Review
blank.gifCreated March 11 2015 13:35:05 pibe.gif Posted by blank.gif
blank.gifThe IMPReSS project had its first review meeting on 24 February 2015 in Brussels. The overall feedback from the reviewers was very positive and constructive. The project is progressing well and exciting results are expected for the second period of the project.