EU-BR Cooperation Consultation Workshop
Posted by on October 10 2014 09:56:37
The IMPReSS Project Co-ordinator, Markus Eisenhauer, FIT, will be presenting IMPReSS at a workshop on the EU-Brazil Cooperation in the area of ICT on 10 November 2014 in Brussels.
Extended News
The main objectives of the workshop are to i) Showcase the achievements of Coordinated Call 1 projects and the projects from Coordinated Call 2; ii) Introduce Coordinated Call 3 (deadline 24 April 2015); and iii) Discuss potential themes for a Coordinated Call 4 in the context of WP 2016-17. Further information on the workshop can be found here.

The EU-BR workshop will follow the EU-Brazil Open Consultation (closing on 31 October 2014) with the aim of identifying strategic joint R&D&I areas in the next WP 2016-17 of Horizon 2020. The EU-BR workshop will present the results of the Consultation and discuss EU-Brazil cooperation.