IMPReSS at CeBIT and IoT Week
Posted by on August 14 2014 10:24:36
IMPReSS was presented at CeBIT 2014 in Hannover, Germany, in conjunction with the GREENCOM project and at the IoT Week 2014 in London in conjunction with the ALMANAC project.
Extended News
CEBIT is the world's largest and most international computer expo. It is considered a barometer of the state of the art in information technology.

At CeBIT Hannover, Germany, in March 2014 the GreenCom project presented its Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) and gave a demonstration of the Low Voltage (LV) demand side grid management tool. The project demonstrated the system scalability with an end user home demonstration linked to a physical micro grid simulator. For more information about the GreenCom project please visit the project website.

The IoT Week originated in the European IoT Research Cluster to become the pre-eminent event attracting industry and researchers from around the world.

At the IoT exhibition, ALMANAC partners demonstrated the first workings of the ALMANAC platform showing an information gathering platform with data collected in real-time from large amounts of smart city sensors and objects related to water consumption and waste capacity. The prototype mainly featured the abstraction framework and its middleware providing proof-of-concept interoperability with smart city applications over the internet. Included were a water network and smart bin, capillary network devices and GUIs for data management and virtualization layer. For more information about the ALMANAC project please visit the project website.