IMPReSS Open Source Available
Posted by on June 16 2016 09:59:36
The IMPReSS platform builds on Open Source platforms and one of the goals of the project is to support an increase of the global market share for Open Source solutions by increasing the availability of software components and knowledge to market actors. Although the project has ended, the code for all IMPReSS components is still available. Read more for instructions on how to access the code.

Extended News
The code for all IMPReSS components is available in the Git repository. Since we enabled read access for the public, it is possible for everybody to clone the code to his own computer. For this, only a Git client is needed. After cloning, all code can be imported into eclipse, where it can be compiled and executed or modified.

Distributing software over a Git repository is quite common and developers are usually familiar with handling it. There are many Git clients available, especially for Unix and Linux but also for Windows. For instance, for Windows one can download TortoiseGit here. Afterwards, right click the folder in Windows Explorer, where you want to clone the code to and select “Git Clone…”. Finally enter the repository URL as shown in Figure 4 and hit OK.

As it is common practise for distributions of open source software via Git, the documentation for the IMPReSS components is also available in the Git in the subfolder /Documentation. The documentation is structured by components into pdf files. Thus, when cloning the repository, developers also get the documentation to get started.