IMPReSS paper accepted for the ICIN 2016 conference
Posted by on January 18 2016 09:09:08
The IMPReSS project will be represented at the upcoming ICIN 2016 conference ‘Innovation in Clouds, Internet and Networks’ where the paper ‘XMPP-based Network Management Infrastructure for Agile IoT Application Deployment and Configuration’ will be presented by IMPReSS partner ISMB. The paper was written jointly by Brazilian partner UFPE and European partners ISMB, FIT and CNET.
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The following is the abstract from the paper:

The computing technology ecosystem is today facing with the Internet of Things (IoT) innovation, driven by radical technological and methodological changes, which include communications paradigms among devices as well as instruments to enable the creation of added-value services on top of them. Although a number of platforms are today available to address the IoT needs at different level, few of them tackle the issue of rapid deployment and simple configuration. This paper focuses on those needs, providing the description of the Software Development Platform (SDP) developed within the IMPReSS EU project, particularly focusing on the Network Management infrastructure and the commissioning infrastructure. The latter supports the configuration and mashup of the different components of the IoT platform, while the Network Management infrastructure provides instruments for network monitoring and setup, based on the use of the eXtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP). Furthermore, the paper describes other components of the IMPReSS SDP, which interact with the Internet-of-Things Platform’s Infrastructure for Configurations (IoT-PIC): the Resource Adaptation Interface (RAI), which virtualizes the devices connected to the network, and the framework for Model-Driven application design, which has been developed to support actual developers in the discovering and composition phases of IoT services design.

The paper is written by Enrico Ferrera (ISMB), Davide Conzon (ISMB), Paolo Brizzi (ISMB), Lucas L. Gomes (UFPE), Marc Jentsch (FIT), Peeter Kool (CNET). Once it has been released by the publisher, a link for downloading the paper will be provided in the download section.

The ICIN 2016 conference will take place in Paris, France, on 1-3 March 2016. Read more about the conference here.